Monday, November 3, 2014

I did it... Letter 11/03/2014

Dearest Family! This week has been fantastic. I'm gonna go kind of out of chronological order and so we'll start with Friday.
On Friday we were given half a day to clean our apartment. This day was much needed. We cleaned both the Room of Requirement and the Back room with the cockroaches and rats. So I will give some of the fun facts.
1) We found a 1948 version of the Hymn book.
2) We kept a fire going continuously for about 7 hours fueled by garments we found and other unusable clothing items. But it was mostly just garments. I hate it when Elders leave Garments...
3) We sold many of the contents of the Room of Requirement ranging from bed frames to an old refrigerator to gardening supplies and we ended up making over 7000 pesos. That is not including the box of ink cartridges we found which may yield another 7000.
4) We took all the clothes to a place called and Ochay-ochay. This is kind of like a DI but not really.
5) I opened the death room and killed all the cockroaches with insectiside. The Rat was long dead and looked somewhat mummified and so that was kind of cool. We also found a wierd Catholic picture of Jesus and Mary which probably belongs to the owner...
I don't think Either of these rooms have been cleaned since the apartment was rented in 2007. We accomplished the impossible...

Elder B of the Area Presidency and  Bishop C visited our mission on Tuesday. They both gave very good messages. Bishop C talked about the Atonement and how when we invite others to come unto Christ we are inviting them to recieve the blessings of the Atonement. IT gave me a different perspective about my purpose. Then Elder B gave us a good wake up call. He surveyed us all on three things 1)waking up at 6:30 2)how many people we talk to each day and 3)planning for 30 minutes each night. On each one some would raise their hands timidly others not at all and on each one he would say, Do you know what I feel? Then he would respond, A lack of power. We were recommitted to each of these things. He told us that many of us as members are natural teachers but too few of us are natural finders and natural planners. He gave us an analogy about fleas. Fleas don't walk or run or fly. They jump. If you put a bunch of fleas in a jar they would jump out. However, if you were to put a lid on the jar they would stop hitting the top and only jump to the point right below the opening. Now then, if you remove the lid the fleas wouldn't jump out but would continue to jump to the point just below the opening as if the lid was still there. He compared this lid to false limitations. We cannot let ourselves be bound by false limitations set by false and lazy traditions. WE have to raise the bar. WE have to jump out of the jar even if noone else does. It reminded me of the Story about the monkeys that wouldn't let the new monkeys get the banana's because they thought they would be sprayed by the water.
It was such a good meeting and it really motivated me recharged me. I love this work and this Gospel. The Gospel Changes lives but we have to be willing to Change.
I love you all. Keep on keepin on this adventure we call life. Keep the Faith and may peace be the Journey!
Love Elder Lowe

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