Monday, November 17, 2014

Mid-Transfer Transfers Blog Letter 11/17/2014

It was a very eventful week and a lot of things happen and now as I sit down to write you I can't seem to remember anything.

It was actually kind of a difficult week because last week, we had a lot of success and found some promising new investigators. This past week we had a hard time being able to teach them. Most of our investigators can only be taught on weekends or at 7 pm. We eat dinner at 8 because everyone here sleeps at 8. In a culture where you wake up when the sun comes up, you also go to sleep when the sun goes down. 

The C. family is doing well. They understand the doctrine and are progressing. It's just very difficult for them to come to church because they live so far away. They can only come to church twice a month. We are working to get a special sacrament meeting started out in their place because there are a few members there and many people who want to hear the gospel. 

We weren't able to teach the Ca. family this past week but hopefully we can visit them during the week sometime. We were very excited to continue working with our investigators in the San Juanico ward when the one of the AP's, walked into our room last night and said that they have an announcement. We will be having "mid-transfer transfers." It was a logistical change and the way the missionaries are laid out now according to the changes makes a lot more sense. So, effective next week we will be in Tacloban 2nd ward and will be moving into a different apartment downtown. We won't have a car anymore which we are actually quite relieved about. It has been convenient but most of the time especially in the city it is just a headache. The office elders will take our part of San Juanico because they do have a car and that area is huge. The times that most of our investigators are available to be taught will fit perfectly with the office elders schedule. I am sad to be leaving San Juanico ward but this change makes a lot of sense. I know that Pres. Maurer is a smart and inspired man.  

The mission is good. It's tough. But it's good. I am learning new things every day. 
I love you all. Thanks for all your love and support! Keep the faith and may peace be the journey!

Love Elder Lowe

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