Monday, October 27, 2014

That Apartment... Blog letter 10/27/2014

Dearest Family!

Wow, What a week! Neither of us transferred but we were still caught in the midst of everything. To be honest one of the big challenges of this past transfer has been living in the center of the mission. Our apartment alone this past transfer was housing 10 elders and missionaries from other zones who stay there regularly for this or that. Perhaps there is one of these apartments in every mission, but ours is the apartment that everyone goes through and it just collects junk through the ages. It's like a black hole sometimes. There is one room that is chalk full of stuff from who knows how long ago. I have started calling it the Room of Requirement because of all of the random stuff in the room that can be found including gross suit coats of every size, letters left by missionaries and copies of the Book of Mormon in French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, and Brail. There is another room that we don't open ever. Period. We're not sure but we think that it might house life sized rats, cockroaches and the like. We're not really sure though... We just keep the door shut.
On the bright side, we found a place for four of the elders that were living in our apartment and we got them moved out and so now there are only six of us. I think we had like 50 elders sleeping in our apartment including the new missionaries and trainers at one point this week. As the week ended and only the six of us are left, our apartment is relatively clean and we have plans to dejunk and deep clean this place and have hopes of keeping it that way. As for the life sized cockroaches and rats room... We still probably won't touch that one. Anyways, It's really a pretty nice apartment... It just gets a lot of traffic. 

Transfers... Like I said we didn't transfer but we took a lot of missionaries to their area's and taxied people back and forth between the apartment and the Stake Center. On Thursday we were asked to give the new missionaries a crash course on Waray. I'm still not super great at it but as I observed the overwhelm on their faces, even the filipinos, I was able to realize how far I've come.

I might miss Basey a little bit but I'm glad that they have missionaries of their own now and that we will be able to focus on just our area in San Juanico. We have some good investigators but the ones that are close need to get married. We are teaching a family, that lives super far away but they are legit we'll hopefully be able to baptize them in November. Their fellowshipper, Sister O, is one of the pioneers in San Juanico ward and is super active and has played a huge role in their conversion. We really just teach and Sister O. does the rest. She has introduced us to a ton of people in the place where our investigators lives and there is potential for a group or a branch to be started their in the future.

We met a professional last week and taught him and he was pretty receptive and we were able to return last night. We've only been able to teach him but hopefully we will be able to teach him with his family in future visits. Anyways, The spirit was super strong last night as we taught him the Message of the Restoration. He committed to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it and our message. We committed him to be baptized as soon as he comes to know. I am excited to continue working with him and watch him and his family progress. 

I love this Gospel and I know it changes lives. This is Christ's church. I know that the Church is true. The Gospel Plan is perfect and will guide us back to Him if we will humble ourselves and follow.

I love you all Thank you for your love and support. Keep the Faith and may peace be the Journey.

Love Elder Lowe

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