Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Basta. Blog Letter 4/20/15

Dearest Family,

Thank you for your emails. They were just what I needed. That being said, it has been a very interesting week... I'm not even completely sure what to tell you about my week. But after all is said, I love my companion and I'm doing my best to help him progress and become an effective missionary. It's hard however to help some one change who doesn't want to change. My biggest challenge, and I ask for your prayers in this respect, is that I can think and speak of him positively. There is no way I can get through this cycle if I am not filled with Charity and with Patience. The thing is, He knows the Gospel and has a Testimony. Elder A. is good but the long and short of it is that he wants to do what he wants to do and so when he can't do what he wants to do, he gets upset. So as long as he doesn't want to do anything crazy or disobedient we get along great. But again, I'm no angel and I'm just doing the best I can to develop the attributes I need to help him and also be effective in our work. To paraphrase general conference, I'm not a saint unless a saint is just a sinner that keeps on trying. It's gonna be a fun transfer. President has placed a very large trust in me in this assignment. This is all kind of difficult to describe over email but I will have many stories to tell in the coming months. 

As far as the work in Kilim goes, things are going pretty good. It's a little slow but moving none the less. The members are nice and willing to work with us. The people in this area just aren't super receptive. A lot of our investigators right now are from part member families. Brother B. who I told you about last time is a bit hard as well but I haven't lost hope and I know his time will come. We will continue doing all we can to teach him and help him develop a testimony. He doesn't have any problems with the doctrine but just isn't quite ready to commit. 

I love this work and this mission and not despite the hardships and challenges but because of them. I mean, who wants to have a boring mission right? Don't worry about me to much because I will be just fine. I love you all and pray for you always. Thank you for your love and support. Keep the faith and peace be the journey.

Love Elder Lowe 

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