Monday, March 30, 2015

He lives! Blog letter 3/30/2015

Missionary work is a very unique job and responsibility. It is The Work of Salvation. It is a work which is highly dependent upon the agency of others. Our purpose is to invite, not force, others to come unto Christ. We are required to be patient, persistent, and persuasive as we rely on the Spirit to help as many people as possible develop personal Testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His Church in these the last days in this the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. Sometimes we plant, other times we harvest but as long as we do everything we can to serve with all of our heart, might, mind and strength no effort is wasted.
After coming in contact with missionaries about 4 years ago we were able to witness the Baptism of E.E. who was baptized by her husband this past Saturday. Despite poor attendance from the ward due to some scheduling conflicts the Baptism went really well. We are grateful that we were the final instruments in the hands of the Lord in leading Sister E. into the waters of Baptism. We now work with the Ward to help her and her husband prepare to enter the temple one year from now. I would send pictures but my camera battery is dead and we weren't able to buy batteries last week. One of the members took pictures though and they are going to send them to me. 

Graduation was this past week at UEP. So everything is pretty quiet now here for summer. Our investigator J is on vacation in May but wants to be baptized when he gets home. His dad is okay with it as well after all. So we are excited for him even though his baptism may not be in our time here in UEP. For now we are kind of back into a finding phase. I guess technically there shouldn't be a 'finding' phase because we should always be finding but this past week hit us a little harder than we expected. We still have some good things going though and we are excited to keep moving forward. Ja is doing good as well. We were finally able to teach him last night and it went really well. He still has a desire to change but it's still a process. 

This week as well we are especially mindful of our Savior Jesus Christ as we Celebrate his Death and Resurrection. I am continually learning and realizing just what his Atonement means for each of us. It is not just some thing that happened two thousand years ago. It is the single most important event that has occurred in the history of man kind. It was an act that effects each and every one of us each and every day of our lives. I am weak, but in his strength I am made strong. I know he lives. I know he loves us unconditionally.

Love Elder Lowe

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