Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just Open the Book. Blog Letter 3/10/2015

Dearest Family! 

It has been another wonderful week in the service of the Lord. 

The work in UEP is going well. The ward here is bursting with potential to say the least but I am really enjoying it here and am growing close with many of the members. 

We have been visiting J.J. on a regular basis and he is coming along. He has seemed a little more at peace with himself each time we visit him. Remember, he is less-active. We have just started from the beginning with him. We taught the first three lessons to him this past week. He is such a funny person and we have a lot of fun when we teach him. He read a little bit from the Book of Mormon this passed week was good. In one visit in which we followed up with him about his reading he described his experience in which he knew he needed to read and he wanted to see what was inside the book and so he would pick up the book and look at it for a moment, then for some reason he couldn't open the book and so he would set it down. And that cycle happened over again a couple more times where he would look at it and want to read, then when he picked it up he couldn't open it and would set it back down. He said that at that moment he wondered if he was going crazy. The experience strangely reminded me of Joseph Smith being seized upon in the Sacred Grove just before experiencing the first vision. There is power in discipline because starting to develop a good habit or a good thing is always the hardest part. 

We have another investigator who is doing really well. Her name is E.E. She is the wife of a recent convert. She was super shy at first but she warms up a little bit each time we visit and has begun expressing her gratitude each time we come and teach her and her husband. The first time we taught her, as we taught the first few principles of the restoration about our Father in Heaven and the Role of Families in his plan we explained how families can be eternal through the Sacred ordinances performed in the temple. Both she and her husband expressed a desire to be sealed. And so we used that to extend the invitation to be baptized and she accepted. That lesson was a couple weeks ago and she has come to Church a couple times since with her husband. If everything goes smoothly her baptism will be held on March 28.

Well, I have a lot more to say but it'll have to wait. Life is Good and I love being a missionary. I am inspired by the Journey of all the Saints through out history from the old testament until now. I am particularly inspired by the journey taken by Lehi and his family. We all have both good times and bad. Times in the land of Bountiful as well as times journeying through the wilderness. And although needed and refreshing are our times in Bountiful we ultimately must follow the commandments of the Lord through the wildernesses and across the oceans of life in order to arrive in the Land of Promise which has been prepared for us by a Loving Heavenly father.

Keep the faith and may peace be the Journey!

Love Elder Lowe

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