Monday, October 13, 2014

Blog Letter 10/13/2014

Dear Family!

It has been an excellent week. On Tuesday we had a great Zone Training meeting. Training is one of my favorite aspects of the mission. The training was about sacrifice like what I was talking about last week. The zone was able to have a really good discussion and the spirit was incredible. As I have learned and studied more about sacrifice, the principle of Obedience has become more clear as well. No sacrifice we make for the gospel is too big compared to the blessings we receive in return. Whenever we are disobedient, lazy or what have you it's because there is something we're not willing to give up. I love the example of Lehi and his Family leaving their home and their precious things to take off into the wilderness to receive the blessings that the Lord had prepared for them. 

Our investigators are doing well. We have two more baptisms this coming Saturday out in Basey for the G. family. Brother G. is super ready and converted. He is very serious about attending church and we are happy about that. We even got new investigators out in Basey this week from referrals. Permanent missionaries will be assigned in Basey this coming transfer and so we hope that they will have plenty to do. Our San Juanico area is a little slower in it's progressing but we have some good investigators. Our biggest challenge is marriage. We are working with one man name and his live in partner who is a member, to get the necessary papers for them to get baptized. This situation is quite common and it requires a lot of patience, persistence and persuasion but in the end it's all worth it. It usually takes more than one set of missionaries to see the process through. 

I love this work. I loved General Conference. The themes were pretty straight forward. Just live the Gospel, don't get distracted and we can all receive personal revelation if we are worthy and willing to listen. Among all the languages the most important is the language of the spirit. I am striving to become fluent in that language more than anything. I had an interview with President Maurer yesterday and he showed me a cool verse in Jacob 5:72. Let us labor with our might and remember that the Lord is laboring with us.

I love you all. Keep doing what you do. Keep the faith and may peace be the journey.

Love Elder Lowe

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