Monday, September 1, 2014

Rambutan Blog Letter 09/01/2014

Dearest Pamilya!

In the Philippines there is a fruit called Rambutan. It is quite delicious. You sort of peel it and then the part you eat is on the inside. With that being said, I was getting on a bus this past week at exactly the wrong time when this girl on the bus was opening a rambutan and it squirted straight into my eyes. It's okay though. I'm still alive and I can still see. I was just a little disoriented for a second wondering what the heck just squirted into my eyes. At first I thought someone had a squirt bottle or something and was wondering what inspired them to squirt the white guy boarding the bus. We were all laughing about it afterwards though. 

The Zone leaders came to Libagon on Saturday to interview B., L. and M. I love having Elder S. as my Zone leader. He is Solid. Anyways, B. and L. will be baptized this week and we are excited for them. They are ready. With M. we have decided to just encourage them to get married first and then he can get baptized. We feel like this will really ensure a complete repentance. He is so good though. He understood and is willing to take the necessary steps. 

We have another investigator, J., that has been doing very well. She has been reading and really understanding the Book of Mormon. She hasn't been able to come to Church yet but is planning on attending next week. Until now her boyfriend hasn't shown much interest in listening but I think her progression and study of the Book of Mormon is making him more curious. We are planning on teaching both of them this evening. They will have to get married or separate in order to be baptized. They have a daughter so hopefully we can help them just get married. 

I love this Gospel. In this world of chaos, the Gospel just makes sense. There are many in this world who try to twist it and prove it false but I can't deny the witness of the Spirit that is true. It is The Way to Eternal life.

I love you all. Keep the faith and may peace be the Journey!

Love Elder Lowe

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