Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter 04/07/14

Wow, What a week. It started out pretty stressful but got better as the week moved on. Training is overwhelming at times but I'm just trying to take things one thing at a time. Elder F. and I are starting to get used to each other now. He told me I need to be less strict. I told him he needed to be obedient. He's starting to get what this is all about and is teaching me a lot in the process. I am excited for the weeks to come. There is much more to learn and many more things to be experienced. There was one evening I was feeling and apparently looking pretty depressed and Brother L. reminded me to Cheer up and that life was to be enjoyed. He's right. So I changed my attitude and the rest of the week was much better.
Our investigators are doing well. B. and L. are the grandparents of Sister M. and they are planning on being baptized on May 3. I am so excited for them. We read 2 Nephi 31 with them this week and it was really neat teaching them more about the doctrine of baptism and about enduring to the end. They understand this Gospel so well. They are going to make excellent members. I love seeing the smile on their faces when they see us upon arriving at Church. I can honestly see Brother B. becoming an effective local church leader in the future. They are very poor, but they have what they need and they are rich in spirit.

I love you all. I love hearing from you. Read 1 Nephi 8 this week. It's a good chapter. Really strive to apply it to your lives. I love how in verse 8 it says many hours. Remember this life isn't a sprint to the finish but a race of endurance.

Keep the Faith and may peace be the journey.

Love Elder Lowe
(Another note from Ethan Lowe talking about being interviewed. You can see him starting at about 5:30 in the clip.)

Hey People,

Pretty sweet world Report eh? That's cool that they used that clip. One of those people they talked to was D. B. He is from Palo and lost family members in the storm. He was our ward mission leader in Palo Ward... 

We will watch Conference this coming week. I am so excited. Hopefully the typhoon this week won't be big enough to cause a brown out. We haven't heard much about it so I'm not too worried.

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