Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We'll blame it on Hailey Letter 01/01/2014

My dearest family! Happy New years.

Things were pretty crazy here for new years. A lot more exciting than our place, that's for sure. We had a great time playing UNO and eating ice cream and there was a good display of fireworks in every direction at midnight. They may not be able to afford much but some how there was room in the budget for fireworks! I enjoyed talking with you on Christmas and I am sorry I didn't talk maybe as much as you liked but I told dad that we will blame it on Hailey! Dang that girl is so cute and I am so proud to be her uncle. It has been a good Christmas season. It is a different experience in the mission but what better place to celebrate the Savior's birth than as a missionary on his errand. We haven't been able to teach as many lessons as usual but the lessons we have had have been good. I'm starting to get a hold on this place and our Less Actives are progressing, slowly but surely. Sister B. continues to progress as well and we are excited for her baptism in January. We are not sure which day yet.

We also gained a new investigator this week that the sisters in our ward had been teaching but they were really in our area. She has been taught all the lessons for the most part and she wants to serve a mission too but her and her boy friend (who is an RM) can't live in the same house. They sleep in separate rooms I guess, but if she wants to be baptized they have to be in separate houses. They were previously offended by the sisters that were teaching them. Sisters are good missionaries, but when it comes to Law of Chastity type stuff they struggle. We thought we were getting ourselves into a tough situation but we had one really good lesson where we used the Plan of Salvation to explain the blessings of sacrifice and our purpose here and they agreed to separate. Now they have to act. If there is one thing I have learned here it's that you can't get too excited until they actually fulfill there commitment. I'm not sure when she will be baptized but we are excited for her to become a member and we are excited for her boyfriend to be reactivated. 

We ran into a former investigator this past week while we were between appointments and he recognized. He actually talked to us and we asked why he stopped investigating. He said that it was because he was Catholic and didn't want to change. I found his excuse interesting because this seems quite common. He didn't say because he knew the Catholic Church was true, but because he didn't want to change. Perhaps this concept is true of all of us to some degree or another. We get into something that takes our focus from our church callings and when asked why we won't repent or return, it's not because we honestly think we are involved in a better cause but because, we don't want to change. That is such a huge part of the Repentance process and maybe one of the most difficult parts his having a desire to change. 

Again it was so good talking to you all on Christmas. I love hearing from you and I am glad you are all well. Thank you and thank you again for your love and support, for your prayers and fasting. I have felt it. I have been comforted. Please continue. Continue to grow in the Gospel. I know this Church is true! I know The Book of Mormon is the word of God and was translated by a prophet of God even Joseph Smith. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to testify of that everyday. I always try to bare testimony of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon no matter what lesson we are teaching because they are so important in developing a Testimony of this church. I love you all so much. Words cannot express my love for you. Keep the faith and may peace be the Journey.

Elder Ethan Lowe

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