Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter 1/20/2014

My dearest Family,
A lot happened this week even though we don't have a lot of numbers to show for it. It has been really hard getting behind doors this week but we press on and the lessons we have had have been good ones. 
One less active family that we are teaching that is starting to return had some really good questions and we had a really good discussion about D&C 76. It went really well and we tied it up by connecting it to Lesson one Principle one that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and wants the best for us. She really opened up about her concerns and one thing I thought was interesting that she mentioned was that while she was less active that not once did anyone from the ward come visit her. This strengthened my testimony ever more of the importance of fellow shipping. There are so many people who have that same fear that is that some will ask "What are you doing here?" If there is fellow shipping or in other words, Home teaching and visiting teaching, that question would no longer be necessary.
We had zone conference this past wednesday and it was really good. I learned so much. President Sperry is brilliant with the scriptures and always offers new incites on more effective study. I liked one thing that he said and that was that the scriptures mean what the spirit says they mean and that is so true. That's why we constantly are learning new things from the scriptures. I wish I had time to tell you everything that I learned but my time is running short so just one more thing. Sister Sperry talked the Redeeming and Enabling power of the Atonement. She said that there are two kinds of people/missionaries. You have the innately good and well the "Fence Pushers." When they first moved to Salina, Utah, President Sperry would often talk to one of their neighbors who is a rancher. They got to talking about raising Cattle and how whenever you put them into a new corral they will always go around the edges and butt up against the fence to see if there are any weak spots. She talked about how we should always be doing things for the right reasons that we might be able to truely experience the redeeming and enabling power of the atonement. The atonment is for both types of people/missionaries.
Then on Saturday we had our area broadcast and it was all about hastening the work through out the Philippines and the goals for the Philippines area were presented for 2014. I am excited to be involved with working with the members in acheiving these goals. President Neilson made an interesting point about the pioneers and how they set the bar so high that no one could ever say that their assignment was too hard. I loved that. No assignment is too hard. With the Lords help we can do all things.
Okay.... so 26 missionaries have been chosen to go back to Tacloban this coming 28 of January. I am one of them. It is bitter/sweet but I am mostly excited and honored to be part of this first group. 

Love you all.
Love Elder Lowe

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