Monday, January 27, 2014

Everything He touches lives. 1/27/2014

Wow! What a week... It's no wonder they only announce transfers a couple of days before they happen. It was incredibly hard to focus this week but I made it through and we even had some good things happen this week with a few of our less active families who are now returning. We had a few really good lessons with the S family and were able to address some of their concerns. Sister S. would never participate during our visits at first but then she started and she opened up this past week and we were able to commit her to come to church and she did! We were so excited to see her there. Our lessons with them have been centered around the atonement and forgiveness. Brother S is now a "returning member" because he has been to church four times in a row. I hope they will continue to progress towards the temple.

As I have been here in the Philippines it has been sad to see so many people who are lonely, or lost and don't know their place. I had comforting assurance this past week of the perfection of this plan called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Families are the perfect support system. And after families we have wards and then stakes all too strengthen each individual. It's brilliant really, and so no wonder it is under heavy attack from the adversary. A thought I shared this week was from Matthew 14:36 with the message that everything Christ touches lives. I know that is true for everything. If a broken family will allow the Savior to help them, their family will live. If we allow him to touch us, we live. I was the concluding speaker in Church on Sunday and My topic was "Teaching with Power and Authority." one of the points I made is that we are all teachers and how in 3 Nephi we read that "They met together oft" for the purpose of strengthening each other in the gospel and renewing covenants. I then related it to Matthew 25:40 in that we are all types of Christ and in that chapter is talking about spiritual nourishment as well. I didn't talk about this but if you keep reading in the chapter he mentions the other side. So we must find every opportunity to Feed the hungry or in other words, Share the gospel with the Lost.  

I have no idea what awaits this next week but I am ready to meet it with manliness. I know this Church is True, I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that's all I need. I'm so grateful for all the experiences I've had here in La Mesa. The bishop was even a little misty eyed when we said good bye last night. I just thought I'd leave ya with a few quotes I heard this week: 

"We aren't humans having spiritual experiences, we are spirits having human experiences"

"I asked God for happiness and He said 'No,' He said, 'I give blessings, happiness is up to you'" 

We have indeed all been blessed but it's our choice to be happy about it. I've been thinking a lot about the vision module from VLSC and how we have to decide what to do with the time that is given and that unlikely adventures require unlikely tools. I strive everyday to rise to the occasion of missionary work. 

I love you all. May you keep the faith and let peace be the Journey! God Bless!

Love Elder Lowe

Just finding every opportunity to spread the Gospel! Even at the Zoo! This was at Avilon Zoo last p-day the 20th

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