Monday, October 7, 2013

"If I Believe the Book of Mormon is true, I can do anything" Letter 10/07/2013

I'll admit! I am super jealous that you got to watch conference before me but I am super excited to watch it next week!! It sounds like it was a solid weekend.
So first of all, These mosquito's are stealthy! I never see them bite me. I just look at my arm and there is a bite! It's the worse. I use bug repellent but sometimes I get bit anyways. Oh well. The work is still moving forward and Cockroaches don't bite. (They can fly though and that was a terrifying moment.) I have personally accepted it as my responsibility to kill each and every cockroach that crosses my path.

So the language is coming really well. I'm getting better everyday. The gift of tongues is real. We have language study everyday but the best language study is really when we're out talking to the people. You see, they don't really study grammar, It just kind of happens. You just have to figure it out by connecting what the books say to how they talk.

This week Hymn #270 "I'll Go Where you Want me to Go" has been in my thoughts. As I serve the Lord as a full time missionary and as you all serve him as Member missionaries I hope that we are all where the Lord wants us to be, saying what he wants us to say, and doing what the Lord wants us to be doing. A marvelous work is taking place. The World continues to wax strong in iniquity but the Gospel also continues to wax strong in righteousness as the work is hastened.

We had FHE with a Less Active family this week. When the little Children sang "I am A child of God" The spirit was so strong. My testimony was strengthened of our divine identity as Gods Children.

As for Brother L, He is doing so well. He just gets it. Everything makes sense to him. We taught him the Word of Wisdom this week. He was willing to give up everything but he said that Coffee would be tough but that he would try. He then proceeded to say something that I will quote for the rest of my life. He has developed a testimony of the Book of Mormon and he said that if he believed the Book of Mormon was true he could do just about everything and he then proceeded to say that coffee was a pretty small price to pay for salvation. If everything continues to go smoothly we are planning on having a baptism for him on November 2. Thanks so much for your prayers for him.

Sister A. is also doing super well. She is progressing about at the same rate as Brother L. It's interesting that she refused the missionaries previously in this area but has progressed smoothly with us and now wants to be baptized. She told us this week that she just had a feeling she should be baptized. As we have strived to be obedient we have witnessed miracle such as this one. As we are obedient, the spirit is able to teach through us. We are also planning on a baptism for her on November 2 which is also Elder S. birthday.

As I have witnessed with Brother L. and Sister A., once they realize the Book of Mormon is true, everything else is easy to teach.

On Sunday we taught primary. Teaching primary in English is hard, Waray waray on the other hand is much harder. Wow. I needed a nap afterwards. It was a really good experience And I enjoyed the practice.

I love you all and Love hearing from you, Keep the faith, and may peace be the journey!

Love Elder Lowe
Alma 5:16 "picture this"

The next two were taken at The Santo Nino shrine in Tacloban. Way cool place. look it up.


Sweet piano. Don't worry I wasn't really playing...

We had FHE with a LA family this week and this little girl and I became great friends. She started calling me her big brother and it pretty much made my week. Don't worry it's pineapple juice (non-alcoholic) ;)

A note from JaNae: Due to Privacy and Church Policies I am unable to post pictures and names on public blogs without written permission from the people. That's the reason for abbreviated names as well as cropped photos. 

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