Monday, September 30, 2013

What can you fit on your motorcycle? Letter 09/29/2013

Dear family!

Wow! I have been here for one month already! The language is coming but I still have a long ways to go. It is super hard to understand what other people are saying. All of our investigators are doing well. we have about 10. 3 of which are progressing. Brother L. is doing super well and he wants to be baptized but wants to be completely sure before he commits and that's the same case with our other investigator sister A.

So usually when you transport a couch you would use a truck right? But hey, a motorcycle works too. I wish I would have gotten a picture but the other day I saw someone riding their motor cycle with a full on couch balanced on the back. Here they take the max capacity for a motor vehicle and than multiply it by like 10. The jeepney's probably have a max capacity of about 25 but once they pack that thing full with people on top and what not I bet you there's about 60 people. It's quite the experience. ( and safer than you'd think).

We are instructed to teach fifty percent investigators and then fifty percent less actives Dad, you are spot on. A lot of times they just lack hope. It is an amazing experience seeing people return to church and remember the spirit that they once felt. No matter what your excuse is, if you have faith you will find a way to make it to church. We are currently teaching a family (a couple) that want to return but feel like they can't because of transgressions they have committed. It's heartbreaking but they are making progress. It's hard finding the right balance between having compassion but then being straight forward enough that they still know what they did is serious.All I have to say is that I love the Atonement and it is for everyone. It is so important that we fellowship! Everyone needs to feel welcome. Fellowship gives hope and then so the miracle begins that Elder Lund talked about.

General Conference: We don't watch it till the 12th due to time difference and poor reception. It gets sent via dvd and we watch it a week later. So let me know how it goes. And send me the conference Ensign when it comes if ya would.
Thanks for everything, I love ya! Keep the faith, Always be grateful for everything you have been given, Always do everything to strengthen the less active, The gospel blesses families I know that to be true. I bear testimony of it everyday and have all of you as proof to back it up and I thank you for that! I would defend each and everyone of you "even unto bloodshed" (Alma43:47)
Love Elder Lowe

 Service Project roofing a house Filipino Style

We are sword fighting and yes I am using my umbrella.

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