Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Understanding Things I've learned Blog letter 5/5/2015

So I don't know if you heard anything about the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. It was pretty big here because everyone loves Pacquiao but then he lost and so every one was pretty quiet yesterday. Apparently it was a good fight though. I don't know because I didn't watch it. We half expected it to effect our work and our attendance in Church but the truth of it is the faithful still came to Church. We even had some Less Actives come to church as well which we were excited about. The other good thing that happened yesterday is we had a good dinner appointment with a family that told us they would feed us dinner if Mayweather won the fight. That was mostly just a joke though between Sister S. and Elder A. because they were gonna feed us anyways. 

Elder A. is doing great. Our companionship is doing really well. Each day is an adventure but I have laughed a lot and have learned a lot as well. I have learned a lot of things throughout my mission but this transfer I have really started to understand some of those things that I've learned. And despite the trials and the challenges I can honestly say that I love my companion. I would do anything for him that is right. 

The work is going well. Our investigators are good. Most of them are female which is okay but we are trying to find Potential priesthood holders as well. But Men are just in general a little harder to get to. I haven't lost hope on Brother B. though. We've gotten close with his wife and family and I know that even if it doesn't happen in my time the time will come when Their father will open his heart. But until them we continue to wait and watch and pray for him. 

But I love you all and I love this Gospel. I'm continually grateful for the atonement and the wonderful truth that we can repent and change. It's never to late as long as we're willing. I know the Church is true and I know families are forever.

Keep the faith and may peace be the Journey!

Love Elder Lowe

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