Monday, February 9, 2015

Four Seasons Blog Leter 2/9/2015

Dearest Family!
We had a great week up here in UEP! Nothing is more devastating than when investigators or Less-Actives don't keep commitments. On the other hand nothing is more rewarding than when they do. This week had a little bit of both. Our neighbors, the A. family came to Church and so we were happy about that other than the fact that they were late and didn't come in until after the Sacrament was over. But we are still glad they came. We have become really close with them over the past couple of weeks because we talk with them almost everyday. The father passed away a few years ago and they have their struggles but they are great.
Another Less Active we are working with is only 22 years old and was really active before but just got busy I guess. He wants to return but he's afraid. I know you all recognize the feared question by such a person, "What are you doing here?" or "Who are you?" We have a good relationship with him and we have had some great lessons with him but Missionaries can only do so much in such a situation. Hopefully we can work with the Elders Quorum to fellowship him. My testimony of Home teaching and Visiting teaching has grown so much as I have served as a missionary. The concept is brilliant if we will use it. Whodda thunk right?
We have investigators being baptized on the 21 of February. They were taught by the previous missionaries and I was reluctant to baptize them at first because their parents aren't members and one is 14 and the other is 11. But they've been coming to Church now for about three years now and So I think they're ready. The oldest is pretty smart. In fact I think she's smarter than some of our adult investigators. Her little brother has mental limitations though and so we have to take the lessons very slowly with him.
Elder R. is doing well and our training is going great. We have really developed a good relationship. His optimism and enthusiasm for the work is contagious and has really helped me a lot. I may be the trainer but I am being trained just as much. His dream is to play basketball at BYU and he really wants to experience what winter is like. He really liked the pictures of Jenny and Austin when they hiked to that snow river place. In fact, he told some members about it when we visited them this passed week. I honestly don't know what it's like to not have experienced snow or all four seasons for that matter.I love you all and love hearing from you! Keep the faith, always do your visiting and home teaching, and may peace be the journey!

Love Elder Lowe

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