Monday, July 28, 2014

Up and Up Letter 07/28/2014

Dearest Family,

So last week I was studying 2 Nephi 27:7-11 and I realized the genius and inspiration behind the invention of I-pads and tablets. We will receive more scripture. By the time that all the scriptures that will be revealed is revealed we will have thousands and thousands of pages. Perhaps we might wheel our scriptures to Church in a little red wagon if it weren't for the modern technology of I-pads and tablets. I find it interesting that the 10 commandments were given to Moses on Tablets. Could this have been a type of things to come? I'm not sure, but it's an interesting thought. I look forward to that day when we receive more scripture but it also came to my mind as well, what are we supposed to do with more scripture if we don't already know and use the scriptures we already have. In 2 Nephi 32, Nephi is very clear on the importance of Scripture Study. In his words we must "feast upon the words of Christ" This means we should make the words of Christ, The Scriptures, part of our very being. I have said before, Don't just have a favorite scripture, live your favorite scripture and then live the rest of them too. It should be as routine as brushing your teeth or getting dressed, and even on the days we don't brush our teeth or don't get dressed, we should still read our scriptures! Coupled with this principle we must also pray. We cannot know of spiritual things save it be through prayer. And then as we obey that which we learn in our studies and through our prayers we become closer to God. It is so obvious. It is so clear. It is a no brainer to be "PRO." 

It's not uncommon, in fact I hear it everyday, to here people say "oi, americano.." or "Mormons.." For us these two are really stating the obvious. Sometimes I want to reply and say "oi.. Catholics.." But I don't. 

This past week has been a good one in Libagon. The work here is progressing. Last week our attendance in Sacrament meeting was 46. Yesterday it was 56! We are so excited to work with the people whom the members are bringing. We had 6 investigators at church and 3 potential investigators. We were so excited to see our members bring their friends to our activity on Saturday and then see them all return on Sunday for church. If we can maintain and continue to increase the sacrament meeting attendance, Libagon Group could become a branch anytime. Despite the challenges in this area the work is moving forward.

When I first arrived in this area I didn't ever expect that Brother M. would be as interested as he is now. He's in his 20's and is/was kind of a punk. As we have been teaching just these past 3 or 4 weeks I have already seen him start to change. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom last night. Quitting smoking will be tough but we know he can do it. He has a strong desire to be baptized and we have a date for the 30th of August. He has started coming to Church and yesterday was his second time. 

M. is pretty much like a member already but the family persecution is still keeping her from being baptized. We had our Recent Convert Brother R. come with us to teach her last week. When he bore his testimony he listed everyone including family and friends who persecuted him for joining the Church. I'm pretty sure he listed just about every relationship that he has from his dad to his school teacher. After making this list he concluded that he knew they couldn't save him but that God could and that that would require joining His Church. Touch down. M. is so close and hopefully she will make a decision soon. It has to be her though and so we are being persistent but not forcing her into anything.

B. and L. have been having trouble coming to Church. It has required some patience working with them. Everything will work out in the Lord's time. They understand the doctrine and want to be baptized still we just have to get them coming to Church consistently. Things just seem to keep popping up with them. I love them though and know that they will get there. B. is so smart and could probably teach us the lessons now but now the true test of knowledge lies in the application. 

I love each of you. I hope you all have a wonderful week where ever y'all may be. Don't pass up an opportunity to share the Gospel. Everyone deserves to recieve the blessings of the Gospel. Until next week, Keep the Faith and may peace be the journey. 

Elder Lowe

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