Monday, July 21, 2014

Brighter Countenance. Letter 7/21/2014

Dearest Family,

I'm gonna keep this one short so that I can get my Kodiak letter written.

It has been another great week in Libagon full of Miracles. We didn't teach as much as we would have liked to but we had some great success in the end. I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again that one of my favorite things is seeing people change because of the Gospel. Too see the very countenance of people brighten as result of the Gospel is one of the greatest blessings of a missionary. Despite the many people here who continue to follow the wicked traditions of their fathers, they cannot deny a noticeable change in those who investigate or ultimately convert to This True Church. 

One of our fairly new investigators, M. came to church this past week and him and his "live-in" who is a member are taking steps towards repentance and separation. He had a good experience at Church and we have a goal for him to be baptized at the end of August! 

We have also one recent convert here who was baptized last fall. When I got here, I was wondering why she got baptized because she didn't seem totally converted or even interested. As we have been working with her though and as she has participated in Church and with youth activities I have seen a change. We taught her this past week and the other elders saw her afterwards and they made special mention of a change in her countenance after our lesson. 

B and L are still investigating. They are doing well. They know the Doctrine but they are still having a problem with the Sabbath day. They are so close but not quite ready. We just have to be patient and persistent with them. I know they will get baptized eventually and hopefully soon.  

I love this area. There is a chance I might get transferred next week but not likely. Elder D and I are working hard to achieve our goals and help this area become a branch. Our attendance reached 46 yesterday which was exciting. We hope and plan on maintaining and even increasing that number in the coming weeks.

I love you all. I love hearing from you. Keep pressing forward. Remember to always be Faithful. Keep the faith and may peace be the Journey.

Love Elder Ethan Lowe

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