Monday, March 24, 2014

When The Savior Comes To Visit Letter 03/23/2014

Akong Mahigumang Pamilya:

Napasalamaton ako para sa inyong mga ampo ug mga huna-huna! Ganahan ako nagbasa sa imong mga emails. Malipayon ako nga mga butang didto sa USA ang nindot. 

It has been another excellent week here in Southern Leyte. It rained a lot. There were a few days that I came home soaking wet. But being wet really doesn't bother me anymore. As long as my scriptures stay dry, I'm good. My white handbook has gotten completely soaked so many times. It's still functional though. I dropped it in the dagat (ocean) the other day on accident while we were crossing a river (I think I sent a picture last week). 

We have continued to work with the B. family. They are amazing. Brother B. might be leaving for a few months for work and he told us that he was going to miss us. He's been in prison several times but you would never know it. This Gospel has changed his life so much. I am so happy they are returning back to activity. They told us this past week that when ever we come visit it's like the Savior is visiting. I felt a little unworthy of the compliment but I'm grateful for the spirit that is present in our visits. One of their daughter's is nine but wasn't baptized and so now she needs to be taught by the missionaries before she is baptized. We taught a simple yet powerful lesson on prayer. I learned so much about prayer as the spirit taught the lesson. It is amazing how the most simple lessons can have such a strong spirit. Afterwards, we were talking about how simply we taught and asked why don't we teach like that all the time? 

Brother E. is doing well. His parents won't let him come to Church but hopefully he will be able to come next month when we are in Sogod and he also wants to come to General Conference. Like I've said before, he has so many questions and does a lot of research but this week when we taught him, he didn't seem to have as many questions. He seems to be starting to understand or rather accept the Gospel. We hope he can now continue to accept these things and become converted. 

We had Zone Training meeting this past Tuesday. I love this zone right now. Our zone leaders are really good and after everything that has happened we are all really close with each other. The spirit was incredible. At one point of the training we were talking about Mosiah 3:19. It says to PUT OFF the natural man and then it says to BECOME a saint through the Atonement. The first part makes reference to the cleansing power of the atonement. The Atonement allows us to put off the Natural man by allowing us to be cleansed from sin through Repentance. The Second part refers to the Enabling power of the Atonement. The Atonement enables us to become a saint. One elder made a comment that I really liked. He is a convert and you could say he had a rough upbringing. He said that it's much easier to go from bad to good then it is to go from good to better. To go from bad to good requires that we repent and stop doing bad things and start doing good things. But going from good to better is harder because we have to sometimes give up seemingly "Good" things for better things. Many General Authorities have said similar things but it was really neat when the elder said it considering his past. He is an amazing missionary to say the least. 

I love you all! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. You are always in mine! 

Keep the faith and may peace be the journey!

Love Elder Lowe

Nindot view- I took this picture just before being spotted by the children and then getting chased. 

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