Monday, March 10, 2014

Under The Covers Letter 3/10/2014

Ang Akong Hinigumang Pamilya!

Maayo Kaayo and among kinabuhi dinhi sa Libagon. We have had an amazing week and have seen so many tender mercies from the Lord. There were a few disappointments as well but I know that's part of the work. I love this place. I can't get over how beautiful the scenery is. Life is just better in the province where we get to proselyte through the mountains and trees as well as on the beach and ride on top of jeepneys and what not. Oh, and freshly caught fish is 40 pesos per kilo. That's like 85 Cents to the kilo. 

We had branch conference this week so we attended Church in Sogod. Sogod is kind of far and it is hard for our members and especially our investigators to come, but we still had 6 investigators at church. They all seemed to have a really good experience. One of our new investigator came even though she said she probably wouldn't be able to! We invited her to be baptized last week and she accepted. 

Our other investigator is doing well. He reads the Book of Mormon a lot and he has so many good questions. However, his family is devout catholic and they wouldn't let him come to church or let us teach him. When we followed up on his Book of Mormon reading he told us that he told his mom that he was studying for a test but he was really reading the Book of Mormon under the covers with a flash light like a little kid. He's 21. He is very involved in the Catholic religion and he asked about baptism and how we are different. We gave him Moroni 8 to read. When we followed up he said he was having some doubts. I'm not sure if they were about his own beliefs or about the Book of Mormon but he says that he believes the Book of Mormon is true and that it is from God. He needs to pray about it though. He is having a hard time understanding that This is the only True church even though other religions have many good things and bits of truth. We know that he recognizes the spirit because he said that he feels a difference when we teach. We are just praying to know how to best help his family soften their hearts. 

We have been teaching a Less Active family that is now returning. They are one of my favorite families to teach. The brother has been to Prison like 5 times but he's so nice and their family is amazing. They have even given us a few referrals. Remember when we taught all those people and ran from the children? That was their referral. He has made the comment that whenever people talk about the Gospel and Salvation, his soul seems to soar. He loves it. His wife made the comment last night that whenever we come and teach, all of their problems seem to disappear. Mind you, they are very poor and they live in a very small house made of bamboo and tin. It is the coolest place ever though because it's on the beach. 

I read Joseph Smith-- History Yesterday. I love his story and it strengthens my testimony everytime I read it. After reading verse 6 about how the pastors would just pretend to like people so they would join there religion but then would have contempt towards them once they joined another sect, I had the thought that we need to love all men regardless of where their beliefs take them. If an investigator stops investigating, we shouldn't stop fellowshipping. We have been commanded to love all men and that is regardless of their beliefs or conversion.

I love you all so much and I look forward to hearing from you each week. The work continues to progress and there is more to tell you then I have time to fit in and so I apoligize for that but I promise I am writing in my journal diligently and will have time to tell you all of these things soon enough. Keep moving forward in this Gospel. Continue faithful in the Work of Salvation. Keep the Faith and May peace be the journey.

Love Elder Lowe

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