Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letter 09/22/2013


Wow, Where do I even start? It has been another solid week in the mission field. It's crazy to think that I've been here for a month already. I'll admit, for the first couple weeks I was convinced that time had slowed down but now it seems just like yesterday that I was stepping off of the plane into Manila. The adage is true that the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. I feel so young. Everybody here is always surprised to hear that I am only 18. It's weird that my comp is 24. That's as old as Rob and Austin. I can't help but realize that these short two years are shaping everything I do for the next 80 years. 

So just a small story first about getting my haircut. It wasn't that exciting but I want to tell you about it anyways. They are like a machine with scissors. It seriously reminded me of Edward Scissor Hands (if you've ever seen that movie). It looks alright though. Oh and if you watch Star Wars V or the one with the Ewoks (the short fury jungle animals) you'll notice that they talk. Well the language they speak is Tagolog. It makes sense because if you look at a picture of a Filipino (some more than others) they look like Ewoks without fur. That was one of the best realizations of my week. (I already knew they spoke Tagolog from something I heard in the MTC).

We continue to teach brother L. We did a service project for him on Tuesday where we cleared his back yard of 6 foot tall thick grass and weeds with machetes. It was way fun. I love service projects. They are a nice change from finding and teaching. They don't really have a concept of work clothes. Him and some members we brought as well as my comp were just wearing shorts and flip flops and that's just how they do things I guess. Me on the other hand had my black keans on with my khaki Columbia pants. Brother L. questioned my clothes and jokingly informed me that that wasn't how they do it here. I laughed and told him that I would make it work (Of course I would make it work! Why the heck would I do yard work the nature of which we were doing with out pants and closed toed shoes?!? That's what I was thinking) So, we start working and surely enough Elder S. Gets bit by an something on his foot and so I took the opportunity to inform everyone that that was why I wore pants and shoes and Brother L. said that only an American would have that kind of foresight. (I just kept working with the look on my face that Dad gets when someone realizes that he is right). 

We were able to take Brother L. and another Investigator to a baptism this week and that was super neat and the Spirit was so strong. We have invited Brother L. to be baptized but he doesn't want to commit until he is completely sure so we will continue to work with him but I am pretty sure he will.

We had a training on Wednesday and Sister A. talked about handling stress and being resilient but later that night I figured out that there is one way to handle stress that trumps all! Top Load... This is wear instead of riding in the Jeepney, you ride on top of the Jeepney, and yes, It was the best thing of my life. And as far as you are concerned, it's not dangerous. 

Okay just one more experience, I wish I could tell you everything but I don't have time. So, every Sunday we have Missionary Coordination meeting with all the Ward missionaries and then this Sunday we had ward Council and had the opportunity to train them. We talked about ward involvement with Recent Converts and Less Actives. I talked about the War chapters in Alma and How each family adds to the strength of the fortress. And How It is all of our responsibility to labor and build up the fortress of the Palo Ward. Alma 48:7-8 and 12. We also talked about being united in purpose. I came up with a sweet analogy about how the members create the dam that keeps the pool of recent converts and not as strong members active. It's hard to explain but it was really cool and the bishop loves me for it. 

I love you all and Pray for you always. Thanks for your love and support and your prayers. They are felt. I couldn't do this with out you. Keep the faith, and peace be the journey. Never pass up opportunity to live up this adventure we are on called life. Let there never be a dull moment.
Love Elder Lowe!
Matthew 6 By their works ye shall know them.

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