Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blog Letter 6/22/2015

Dearest Family,

It has been another great week in the Tacloban 2nd ward. Our Zone Training meeting was a success and on Sunday there was a Nation wide Stake Conference broadcast from Salt Lake and Manila that was inspiring. I loved the apostolic promise from Elder Andersen that if we will take our sacrament meeting attendance more seriously, our faith will grow. We even used that in a lesson we taught yesterday afternoon. It was also great to hear from Elder Nielson and a bit nostalgic as well flashing back to Yolanda. Can you believe I was still here for Yolanda?? If I'm not mistaken, I think I was the one that took a picture of Tacloban right after the storm that they displayed in the broadcast because they copied all my pictures from the storm when we arrived in Manila after the Storm. That is really unimportant but hey kind of cool right? But what great advice to anyone no matter what their station in life, "I will be the one." His whole message was centered around that phrase, "I will be the one." That is something Flipino's will often say in English when they want to do something kind for you. They will say "I will be the one" to do this, that or the other. The phrase is truly an indicator of their love and desire to serve and be kind to one another. I hope that we all might say "I will be the one" to follow our Savior Jesus Christ through our kindness to others. 

We did exchanges with the Palo Elders last Tuesday and Wednesday. I went back to my first area with Elder B. in Palo and we had a great experience. It was weird working again in my first area. There are some people I have never met and others who still remember me. I am happy I had the opportunity to go back and work in my first area though especially now as I am in my last transfer. Exchanges are one of my favorite things to do as a leader. I have really come to love just talking and getting to know other missionaries and other people for that matter. I learned a lot from Elder B. and I hope he was able to learn a bit from me as well that he might be able to use as he continues his mission.

Our Investigators are doing well. We have some great things going as well as a few investigator families that have potential to progress. We taught a man this past week and some members of his family and they were all very receptive and asked excellent questions. They agreed to pray about our message and be baptized if they come to know that it is true. So we will keep you updated on how they progress. We had another new investigator as well tell us after our second visit with him where we explained in great depth about the Book of Mormon that he wanted his family to hear this as well and so we are hoping to be able to schedule an appointment with his family sometime this week.

I am really enjoying the work right now. We are striving to be diligent and really sprint to the finish. I love my area and I love my companion. Thank you for all your love and support! You are continually in my prayers and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time.

Love Elder Lowe 

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