Monday, January 26, 2015

New Everything Blog Letter 1/26/2015

So What's first? New Companion, New area, Newish Language, Typhoon.
I lot has happened but I Just can't express everything I would like over an Email but I will do my best.

So yes, I was transferred and I am training. My New companion is Elder R and we are assigned up in UEP (University of Eastern Philippines) ward, The second farthest area from Tacloban. I really like the area so far. White-washing is always a little challenging especially when all the former missionaries investigators were either female or Children but we are making due. The members are really kind and willing to participate in the work. We are really trying to find potential Melchezidek priesthood holders. 
My New Companion is really good as well. Get this, Elder R is Elder D Cousin! What are the chances? I am really happy to be training at this point in my mission. Elder R fresh excitement has really helped me be excited and motivated as well. 
As for the Language, it is Waray-s so all the "h's" are switched back to 's' and there's different words and phrases they use and the tone is different so that has been fun. I have been practicing my Tagolog a lot though and so that has been good. I use both Waray and Tagolog in teaching and working with the people and mostly just Tagolog with Elder R. He can speak English but he's not as good as Elder D at English. I love him just the same though.
I'm getting a little bit tired of Typhoons. Amang wasn't super huge but we did have some minor flooding in our house and it took the power out for a few days. I will admit though, there is a cool feeling to doing nightly planning by candle light.

I have been especially reliant upon the Lord these passed few weeks in this new area. And I have felt his spirit and guidance in this new area. 
I love you all and I love hearing from you. Keep the faith and may peace be the journey!

Love Elder Lowe

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