Monday, August 11, 2014

6 and a half months later letter 08/11/2014

Dearest Family,

I taught primary yesterday at Church. It was one hour out of my day, yet I am sure that it was the reason for my quickness to sleep last night. I truly do love the kids though. I am coming to understand why Christ said to become as little children. 

It has been another successful week here in Libagon. We are looking forward to Sister M's Baptism this coming Saturday. I have been teaching her since just after arriving here in Libagon and now here 6 and a half months later she will be entering the waters of baptism. It hasn't been with out challenges, but they have been challenges that have made her stronger. She is ready to take this step. I am so happy for her. 

I also look forward to the Baptisms of B. and L. at the end of the transfer. They are so funny. B. can teach us the lessons I'm pretty sure. He really likes to talk and so it is a task in and of itself just controlling the lesson. He has a Gospel Principles book and while we were teaching him one day he just started reading randomly from his book. We were doing our best to relate everything to the Lesson until finally we were explaining a principle and he started reading from the Law of Chastity. It was really one of those funny yet frustrating moments. We have since asked him to put away his Gospel Principles book while we teach or give him specific assignments from it. He will be a great teacher and leader in the Church. 

This has been a challenging area but it is so rewarding to see these Children of our Heavenly Father make the final steps towards baptism. It's not us converting them but God converting us, investigators and missionaries in common. I always know when the Spirit is present when I learn something or come to a deeper understanding of a principle while we are teaching. This truly is a Marvelous work. 

I love you all. I will be sending my memory card home with this next batch going home. So you can expect that in the next month.

Keep the faith and may peace be the Journey.

Love Elder Lowe

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