Monday, June 16, 2014

It all relates back to the Restoration Letter 06/16/2014

Dearest Family,

It was a great week being back to work in Libagon. This place is amazing. The persecution is really just a blessing. Satan knows the potential of the church in Libagon and so he's working to stop it. Silly Satan... Brother R. is doing well. He was interviewed for Baptism on Saturday and his baptism will be this next Saturday. He is great. He was able to become stronger through persecution and he has a pretty solid testimony. His dad is one of the people who persecuted him but his mom is okay with him being baptized, because she has seen him change in the course of the missionaries teaching him. One of the greatest blessings of missionary work is seeing people change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister A. is evidence of this as well. Her aunt still hasn't decided to be baptized but she did admit that Sister A. had changed and their relationship has improved since she has become a member. I love watching her Testimony grow as a recent convert. I hope and pray that her family will soften their hearts and accept her decision should she choose to be baptized.

B. and L. are doing well. They are just super busy. Hopefully they will be baptized soon though. They have a really strong desire but sometimes they just have hard time with the Sabbath Day. I love them though. They are so funny. Some times it's hard to manage lessons because B. likes to talk so much and has a lot to say.

Hopefully we will be getting four missionaries here in Libagon this coming transfer. We need more missionaries here so it will be nice to have more missionaries again. And it will make it so the Castle isn't so quiet all the time. My companions sometimes will tell me that I am too serious just because sometimes I just get focused on something and don't talk. I have made good friends with Brother C. though. I really didn't like him at first. I just thought he was a grumpy old american but he's actually pretty nice. Him and Sister G. are married and they are our apartment owners. They live upstairs in the castle. 

One more story, last night we needed sister G. to sign some papers that had to do with our apartment contract and so I was talking to her while Brother Luna talked to Sister G's mom. She signed the papers and then we were just talking. One of the best finding techniques is being friends with people and just talking. Then almost always, eventually they ask questions. We have taught sister G. before. She was receptive but not super willing to keep commitments and her mom went all catholic defender on us and so we took a break for a while. Anyways, G. asked about the churches financial system and how we finance our buildings and what not and so I explained the two principles that the financial system of the Church is based on. I started by saying that this is Christ's church, and that we keep track of all we earn and we don't spend more than we have. From there I went on to explain the blessings of paying tithing which I then related to the primitive Church which Christ establish and how that same Church has been restored in these Latter-days through a living prophet. She didn't say much but I felt the spirit and I knew she did as well. The wheels were turning. It's just hard because she would face a lot of opposition if she were to join the Church. Whether she progresses or not, we will still be friends. She was actually one of the people who told us that she didn't appreciate the persecution that was going on. 

I love you all. I know this Church is true. I know the Gospel Changes lives. 
2 Nephi 33:10-11 has given both us and our investigators and members strength this week. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grows ever stronger each time I bear testimony of it. I know it is of God and was translated by Joseph Smith through the Power of God. Keep the Faith and may peace be the Journey.

Love Elder Lowe

1- Elder Lowe
2-This is real sugar cane (as opposed to fake sugar cane) You chew on it and then spit it out.
3-  Maaram ak nga ining libro tinuod, Alam ko po na ang aklat na ito toto, Nasayud ko nga kining basahon tinuo, I know this Book is True
4-This is the temporary simbahan that the Church built in the L's back yard.

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