Monday, May 19, 2014

I killed my kid letter 5/19/2014

Dearest Family,

It was so good talking to last week. I loved seeing and talking to you all. I apologize that I couldn't completely focus on all of you. (1) I am male and can only focus on one thing at once and (2) I am Ethan which only compounds number 1. However this fact is a blessing. Why? You may ask. Because it means I'm either thinking about missionary work or not missionary work. And, if I find my mind on the latter, I know I need to re-focus my though process. 

As for my week... ... ... ..... .... ........ ... I killed my kid. :( But if going home is what he needs to recover, I guess it was an answer to your prayers that we might find resolution. I just hope and pray he will have the drive and desire to return to the mission when he gets back into a normal sleeping routine. I really grew to like him but I will say this, I don't know why he couldn't sleep or why he was sick. None of us do. However, in all positiveness I have come to more fully understand the importance of being prepared to enter the field. Each day just got a little worse and his energy just got lower and lower and so we were instructed to go to Tacloban where I dropped off my companion and then returned to Sogod with a member from Sogod as my companion for the day. I have been in Sogod ever since in a tripanionship with the Zone Leaders. We are in the process of finding a branch missionary that can be my companion until the transfer.

It has been fun being companions with the Zone Leaders though. I like them both a lot and it has been fun teaching with them in Sogod. One of them is from Hawaii and I have so much respect for this Elder. He is a Convert of about a year or so before he came on his mission and is evidence of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. When he started out he was swearing at kids in the laundry room at the MTC, but now he is such a spiritual giant and one of the most patient people I know. We taught one of their investigators this past week about the Book of Mormon and he bore his testimony and it was so powerful. If his testimony didn't touch our investigator (and I know it did) it at least touched me and my testimony is now stronger because of it. It has been a pleasure getting to know both of these elders better. They are both excellent missionaries. I do look forward to returning to Libagon though. Part of me is super worried about all of our investigators and members, but I have seen a few of them and I know that the Lord is in charge. His hand is evident. Things will work out. 

I love you all. Continue to be awesome. Keep the Faith and may peace be the journey. Read the Book of Mormon at every opportunity. I love that book and I know that it is true.

Love Elder Ethan Lowe

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