Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter 12/9/2013

Only in the mission field can a long week seem like it went by so fast. I was learning a lot of patience and humility with Elder D and I was starting to be able to get along with him. But after a few late nights of texting President and our Bishop, Elder D was emergency transferred and Elder V, is my new companion. I love him. He is from Bacolod mission and so he speaks Ilongo and the Visayan missionaries also usually speak better English as well. I still try to use Tagolog as much as possible but when it comes to getting things done during planning and study, it's nice to be able to use English since that's the directive anyways. But anyways, I love my new companion and It's nice to have the spirit in our lessons again. It was a rough couple of weeks with out it. Last night we had an amazing lesson with the A family who are less actives. We had a couple with us who are sealed in the temple and we were able to talk about the Atonement and get the temple in their sights! I couldn't help but shed a few tears when we left because I hadn't felt the spirit like that in a lesson since I was with Elder S and we were teaching the P family about forgiveness.
This week I was studying in Ether 2. I love the story of the Jaredites. In verse 7 after they had crossed some body of water in barges The Lord would not suffer that they should stop but to continue on until the Promise Land. I think it is so important to learn from this concept that we must not settle for something good when something better awaits us. We should never be content living a Terrestrial Law when we are capable and have the potential to live a Celestial one. As missionaries it is our job to help people to the Celestial Kingdom. We are helping people to the Promise Land. Later on the Lord chastises the Brother of Jared for not calling upon the name of The Lord but then after he commands him to repent and get to work. He doesn't say, "Go pout for a little bit and be upset that you got in trouble" but rather don't be a little girl and get back to work, his exact words are "Go to work and build..." And I am impressed with the faith of the Brother of Jared to continue as he did. We must follow this example. We will make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes will bring upon us chastisement but we must be humble, repent and then get back to work. And never fall into the trap of feeling unworthy to continue. It always breaks my heart to meet less actives who don't come back because they are ashamed and they don't think they can continue on. And lastly we learn in verses 16 through 20 that our vessels must be tight like unto a dish. I wrote in my journal, "Through the winds and waves of mortality, we must be sure the vessels in which we travel are tight like a dish. We do this by becoming close with our families, strengthening our testimonies, and keeping our covenants and living the Gospel. These things must be tight that we will not perish in the wind and waves of the adversary." And then at the end of the chapter the question arises how the vessels will be lit. Somtimes we ask God questions and he lets us answer. I love how he says to the Brother of jared to ponder upon it and then bring it back. Information before inspiration. That's a valuable principle to live by. The Lord will do his part, we need to excercise faith and do ours.
One last story before I close, so I don't know why the missionaries never talked to our land lords but as of recent, because the some other missionaries are moving into the same apartments we have been able to talk to them and they have started asking some good questions. They are Baptists and somewhat prominent in their Church. They have Bible class or whatever they do at their house. We did a service project for them with our zone and My companion and I were able to give a spiritual thought at the end. We gave it on Proverbs 3:13-18 because that verse was written on their little white board and we then related it to 1 Nephi 8. They both talk about a Tree of Life. It was amazing to see the lights turn on as they saw the Bible relate so brilliantly to the Book of Mormon. I hope and pray that they will soften their hearts and hear more of our message. We may have Christmas at their house and so we are super excited to see if that will follow through becuase it's just an idea right now.
I love you all, I love hearing all your stories. You all never cease to make me smile. I pray for you always and I feel all your prayers. Keep on keepin on. Keep loving your neighbors and eachother. And most of all, Keep the faith and may peace be the journey. Remember the reason for the season as you celebrate Christmas this year. We have already been given the greatest gift which is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Use that gift. It works.
Love Elder Lowe

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